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Bring Indian art to your home

This handmade home décor gallery showcases some of the beautifully designed and crafted décor items. The designs of these handicrafts depict Indian folk art forms and history. These folk arts have survived generations, all because of their uniqueness and admirability. Some of the art forms you can find in these home decor items are warli and patachitra. Patachitra prints include Gods and Goddesses and epics with bold and clean lines. And, warli is one of the oldest Indian art forms that use geometric shapes to form different shapes and depict daily life activities of people like dance, fishing, hunting, festivals, etc. Buy one of these home decor items to bring traditional Indian art to your home.

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Pattachitra hand-printed bottle
Beautifully designed Hand Painted Pattachitra Bottles. ..

Pattachitra hand-printed wooden glass
Beautifully designed Pattachitra hand-printed wooden glass. ..

Saura Tribal Art Hand-printed bottles
Beautifully designed Saura Tribal Art Hand-printed bottles. ..